Training Award

Entrants in this category must show how they have improved the performance of their company or operation through training staff in the last 12 to 18 months.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a host of problem for companies and their staff, with new health and safety procedures having to be developed and implemented almost overnight to ensure operations could continue without putting staff or customers at risk. At the same time, much group face to face training became impossible, meaning new ways to keep the workforce up to speed had to be found.

Your entry could focus on a specific group or team, such as drivers or management, or could cover all of your staff. Apprenticeship schemes should be entered in the Apprenticeship of the Year category.

This award is open to third party and own account operators running 11 or more commercial vehicles, contract hire and rental firms, pallet networks, CV dealers and truck manufacturers (entries may be prepared in partnership with a training provider).

Judges will need to know:

  • How you identified your training need;
  • What training was implemented;
  • What in-house and external resources were applied and why;
  • The measurable outcome of the training, including cost/benefit analysis if applicable.
This category is now closed