Low Carbon Award

While the pandemic and driver shortages were the focus of attention in 2021, cutting emissions of carbon dioxide remains the greatest medium to long term challenge facing road transport. With the UK committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 and trucks being run for anything up to 10 years, the industry is less than three buying cycles from the end of its reliance on fossil fuel.

But already successful companies are showing that low carbon transport is possible without adding cost or affecting customer service. The Low Carbon Award will be given to the operator who has made significant progress in reducing carbon emissions by improving the efficiency of its operation and/or by the use of alternative fuels and drive trains.

This award is open to third party or own account operators running 11 or more commercial vehicles predominantly over 7.5 tonnes GVW. Operators of vehicles predominantly below 7.5 tonnes should consider entering the Clean Fleet Van Operator of the Year category.

Judges will want to see:

  • How you measure your carbon footprint, preferably using some recognised methodology;
  • What opportunities you identified to reduce carbon emissions;
  • What initiatives you have taken;
  • The outcomes in terms of reduced emissions (such as total tonnes of CO2 or grammes of CO2 per tonne kilometre) and improved efficiency.
This category is now closed