Customer Care Award

At a time of upheaval in logistics, excellent customer care has never been more important. The boom in online shopping shows no sign of abating but bricks and mortar stores remain an important retail channel. The driver and vehicle shortage meant capacity has lagged demand in many areas and the operators which stepped up to the plate and delivered for their customers have in turn benefited from the loyalty they have developed and nurtured.

Customer care means going out of your way to ensure that your whole operation is geared to consistently exceeding your customers’ expectations. We want to see evidence of commitment at all levels of the company and, of course, testimonials from customers and the results of customer satisfaction surveys.

This award is open to all third party logistics and own account operators (where the transport operation plays a significant role in the delivery of excellent customer service) running fleets of 11 or more commercial vehicles.

Judges will want to see:

  • What processes are in place to understand what KPIs are important to your customers;
  • How you monitor your levels of customer satisfaction;
  • Evidence that everyone from the senior management down has bought into the customer care ethos, rather than that the company just runs an excellent customer care or complaints department;
  • How you have gone above and beyond business as usual to delight your customers (or, in many cases, your customers’ customers);
  • How excellence in customer care has helped you grow your business
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