Best Use of Technology Award

We are looking for a project that used the latest technology (whether in vehicles, components, infrastructure or IT) to enhance your service and resulted in a clear benefit to your customers and/or improvement in efficiency.

2021 was a turbulent year where every transport operator faced challenges as the UK slowly emerged from lockdown and applying technology creatively to overcome these changes was more essential than ever.

This is not about just using industry-standard products or software, but looking at your business and customer needs and developing a technology-based solution. The entry must be made by a third party or own account operator running 11 or more commercial vehicles, though it can include supporting material from suppliers and consultants.

Judges will be looking for:

  • A description of the problem you were trying to solve or the service you were looking to enhance, ideally with measurable targets for the project;
  • Details of the technology applied, including how it was selected and adapted to your business;
  • How the technology was successfully applied to your operation;
  • The specific outcomes for your operation and/or your customers’ business.
This category is now closed