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Urban Delivery Operator of the Year

With more people living in increasingly crowded cities the logistics required to keep them supplied with everything they need while complying with the growing body of environmental rules and regulations is a tough and fast-moving challenge. This category is to recognise the innovative solutions the logistics industry is developing to keep our towns and cities safe, clean and quiet.

Judges will be looking for: 

  • Initiatives that tackle key city delivery challenges such as emissions, noise, vulnerable road user safety and congestion;
  • The use of low emissions vehicles or technology;
  • A strategy for compliance with all current and future regulations on clean air, direct vision etc;
  • Taking opportunities such as out of hours deliveries or consolidation centres to reduce both cost and environmental impact.

This award is open to any road freight operator delivering into urban areas including final-mile couriers, post and parcels carriers, urban distribution operators, retailers, construction hauliers, local authorities and waste collection operations.

This category is now closed

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