Enter the Motor Transport Awards 2020

Fleet Truck of the Year

The Fleet Truck of the Year award showcases the best truck of the year.

The manufacturer's chosen truck model should focus on a 6x2 tractor unit with 400hp to 500hp. It can use any type of fuel. It must be a model which is currently available for UK operators to purchase, so no obsolete or prototype vehicles.

The following factors are considered when selecting the finalists:

  • Fuel economy
  • Refuelling infrastructure (for non-diesel drive trains)
  • Driver satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Specification options
  • Dealer support
  • Breakdown cover
  • Weight
  • Finance options
  • Total cost of ownership

There is no entry form for this award. The finalists will be chosen by our panel of judges. The winner will be announced on the night.

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