Enter the Motor Transport Awards 2020

Clean Fleet Van of the Year

This award is for the low emissions van below 7.5 tonnes GVW that is leading the way from drawing board to volume sales. It can be powered by any low emissions alternative to diesel including batteries, hydrogen, biofuels and hybrid drivetrains.

Fleet operators cannot afford to have vehicles that are merely green window dressing – vans have to be workhorses capable of putting in a shift, day in, day out, reliably and cost-effectively.

This award is for the low emissions van that can demonstrate to fleet buyers that IT is a tool that can do the job, with the range, payload and driveability customers need. It is open to both OEMs and aftermarket convertors and entries are invited from manufacturers who can show their vehicle is more than just a prototype, even though it is not yet in full-scale mass production.

This category is now closed