Technical Excellence Award

Finding new ways of doing things better has been one of the hallmarks of the transport industry’s response to the pandemic.

Whoever is responsible for managing the specification, acquisition, repair and maintenance and disposal of an operator’s fleet (be it an in-house department or a third party provider) to win this award they have to demonstrate high levels of efficiency, reliability, availability, safety and first-time annual test pass rates. Innovation is also essential – this could involve reducing fuel consumption, being more efficient or using technology creatively to solve a specific technical fleet problem.

This award is open to third party or own account operators running 11 or more commercial vehicles and vehicle or product manufacturers which have developed technical solutions to meet their customers’ operational needs.

Judges will want to see:

For an operator’s engineering department

  • A brief description of your fleet operation and engineering resources
  • High levels of legal compliance (include green Roadworthiness OCRS and excellent annual test first time pass rates)
  • Excellent standards of fuel consumption, reliability and vehicle availability
  • Development of new initiatives to improve efficiency, cost control or safety
  • Close working relations with drivers and the operations team

For a manufacturer’s technical solution

  • An innovative approach to developing technical products and services
  • A description of the customer’s problem and the solution developed to solve it
  • Evidence of improvements in performance resulting from the new product or service