Safety in Operation Award

The safety of staff, customers and the general public has never been a higher priority than in 2020 when new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus had to be developed and implemented at speed. The urgent need to keep the UK supplied with essential goods could not be met at the expense of the physical or mental health of the workforce and the industry responded to the challenge.

Entrants for this Award will need to show either an exceptional commitment to all-round operational safety or describe a specific successful initiative designed to improve safety in a particular area of the operation. This category is open to CV operators running 11 or more vehicles and genuine partnerships between product/service suppliers and operators (the entry must be made by the operator).

Judges will be looking for:

For an overall safety policy

  • A brief description of your operation
  • Accident rates for the last three years using standard measures such as accident frequency rates
  • What analysis/review was carried out to improve safety
  • What initiatives were introduced and how
  • The outcome of the initiatives including a reduction in accidents and injuries or other health and safety benefits
  • Top-down commitment to the initiatives

For a specific safety initiative

  • A brief description of your operation
  • What was the safety issue you needed to address
  • What initiative was introduced and how
  • The outcome of the initiative and how it was measured