Team of the Year

Open to any team of any size in any part of a transport or logistics operation, the Team of the Year Award will be made to the group of people able to demonstrate that they have worked closely together to either:

  • Deliver a major project on time and to budget;
  • Or consistently over-achieved in their field of operation.

Teamwork has never been more important when the need for remote working wherever possible has made building the bonds that characterise strong teams even harder. The best teams have found new ways to communicate and motivate each other through the pandemic.

Judges will be looking for a set of objective KPIs that the team was working to and evidence that these were exceeded. More subjective comments from key external customers or colleagues in other parts of the business about the outstanding performance of the team will also be taken into account.

Extra merit will be given to teams that have successfully integrated members drawn from different disciplines within the company or from partner organisations to work together effectively and seamlessly for the benefit of the business and its customers.

This Award is open to operators running 11 or more commercial vehicles.

This category is now closed