Fleet Truck of the Year

This Award is for the 44-tonne tractor unit that offers the best overall package for fleet operators. It should be versatile enough to cover a broad range of fleet operations from tramping to urban distribution and from tankers to doubledeck curtainsiders.

Manufacturers can select which truck model to present, but it must be a 6x2 or 4x2 tractor unit with up to 500hp. It can use any type of fuel. It must be a model which is currently available for UK operators to purchase, so no obsolete or prototype vehicles.

Judges will make their selection based on:

  • Fuel economy
  • Refuelling infrastructure (for non-diesel drive trains)
  • Driver satisfaction
  • Value for money including RVs
  • Lead times
  • Safety including compliance with the DVS
  • Environmental impact
  • Specification options
  • Dealer support
  • Breakdown response
  • Unladen weight
  • R&M and finance options 
  • Total cost of ownership (based on 150,000kms a year over three years)

Manufacturers may be asked to make a 15-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A either in person or online to a panel of operators on their candidate vehicle.

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