Business Excellence Award

This Award is designed to reward business best practice and excellence for companies working in the commercial vehicle and road freight sector. It is open to third party or own-account operators running 11 or more commercial vehicles and any related businesses operating in road freight transport.

In a year in which many operators began to see volumes pick up again as the UK emerged from lockdown, shortages of vehicles and drivers meant business plans had to be more adaptable and flexible than ever.

The well-documented shortage of capacity was a double-edged sword – costs increased but it was also an opportunity for hauliers to have open discussions with customers about a fair rate for the job.

The Award will go to the company that can demonstrate commitment to best practice and excellence in:

  • Financial performance;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Strategic thinking as well as quick reactions;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Staff development and retention.
Entries MUST include the last three years’ audited accounts.

This category is now closed